About Us

We at The CCV, we pay too much attention to the customers need and the clients request to serve them better and surpass their expectations. This is the reason why we still believe that many people would like us to become better as we give the best quality service that no other company can give. We always make sure that the customer’s satisfaction is our utmost and top priority when we go to their homes to fix or install something.  

We want to ensure the safety of our people and customer as well so we are giving some advice to those people to contact us on our official website only. There are many people who are pretending that they are the one running this company and you need to pay them in advance before having the said service. We also give some free online tutorial and videos for people to watch when it comes to avoiding this matter. It will greatly help you not only for availing the service but also be more vigilant even with other companies that you are going to transact with.  

In our company, we are offering the different services like the metal roofing Allentown PA, flooring installation and renovation, even the concrete type of flooring materials. We can give you a list of the advantages of each type of flooring so that you can choose wiser and the best one for your home. If you have some clarifications or questions you may contact us now.